What if you could easily encourage someone who just needs a little leg-up? You would probably do it, that is GENEROSITY. When we think of GENEROSITY in the church we often go straight to tithes & offerings. That’s just the start. Food Pantry, Fostering Hope, and many other opportunities are available to get you involved in being generous on a regular basis. Sometimes the most generous thing is to give your time as a volunteer in one of our many programs and events.

It's our goal to not only invest in our body but to be involved in and invest in the community around us! We are passionate about serving the preteens of Carthage and surrounding areas as well as equipping our preteens to serve their community through service projects, volunteering, and other

We believe that being a part of the Body of Christ means truly being relational. Fellowship with other believers is a big part of life around here.  

Upcoming Events for adult Ministries

The Homebuilders

Sunday @ 8:00am

This class has been meeting at Fairview for 20+ years. Currently the class is taught by John Mouton. Join us each & every Sunday for an in depth & encouraging bible study.

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Sunday @ 9:00am

Nathan Moss leads the class on a weekly, verse-by-verse examination of the Bible. Join us at 9ish for some coffee and a great discussion that leads to great community.

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We would love to talk with you! if you have questions about any area of our ministry or ideas on how we can better partner with your please let us know! You can call the office 417.358.3912 and we'll get you connected with the right person for the right ministry or you can email Piper at piper@fairviewchristian.net.