Welcome to the At Home part of the Middle School Ministry! The purpose of this page is to keep you connected to what we're doing and learning together, so you can jump in, continue the conversation and leverage it for continued spiritual growth at home. We believe you are the most important spiritual influence in your kids' lives!

Below you'll find a Follow Up for each part of our ministry as it happens. Follow Ups will be posted on the day of each gathering!

First Corinthians Chapter One

This week, we finished all of chapter one and talked through division in the Church, why God elevates and gives honor to the lowly things of the world, and what it means to boast only about Him.
We worked to memorize verse 31 together, so see if your child can say it!

Questions to ask:

What is the #1 thing you brag about?
What does it mean to brag about God?
When is the last time you did that?

Sharing The Gospel

This week, our groups took our second to last week of the school year to focus on sharing the Gospel. we talked about reasons we should, and things that keep us from doing it.
Then we practiced sharing the gospel with each other using the Acronym G.O.S.P.E.L. (Check it out below!)

Questions to ask:

- What are some things that keep you from sharing the Gospel or talking to others about Jesus?
- Why should we be sharing the Gospel?
- How can we help each other build the habit of talking to others about Jesus?

God Is Already Working!

It's pretty easy to make life about ourselves, from the way we act or talk, to the things that motivate us. This weekend we focused on the truth that in every situation we walk into, God is already working. That should change our mindset from thinking about ourselves, to asking how we can join in the work that God is doing!

Read Matthew 9:35-38 together and talk about what Jesus is saying there.

Questions to ask:

What does it mean to show up with expectations that God is already working?
What are things that keep you from saying "yes" to joining what He's doing?
What is one way you're going to apply what you learned this weekend?

Romans 12:1-2

After sharing some delicious desserts together we split into smaller groups and worked on memorizing Romans 12:1-2!

Continue to work with your child on those verses throughout the week!


At Awaken, we had the teaching room set up like a courtroom, some students sat as the jury, some as the prosecution or defense, and then some as the audience.
We talked about how finding our self-worth from the world means living every day like we're on trial, constantly being judged and trying to win the approval of others.
But finding our self-worth in Jesus means living on the other side of the verdict. That because of Jesus' sacrifice for us, we're not living to please others, or even ourselves, but in the freedom of who God says we are.

Ask your child:
Do you ever get caught up in living to impress others?
How does life with Jesus look different than that?

LUKE 12:22-31 | ISAIAH 45:9-11

Tonight we prayed through two sets of scripture, Luke 12:22-31 and Isaiah 45:9-11. Students spent time alone reading and praying through them. 
In Luke 12:22-31, Jesus tells us not to worry, but to build the habit of trusting and relying on God for everything. Ask your student about their Alka-Seltzer experiment. Read Matthew 11:28-30 together and talk about what happens when we take our burdens to Jesus.

Isaiah 45:9-11 is all about the potter and the clay! Your student brought home some play dough we used as a reminder to let God be the one who shapes them!
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