It’s been an amazing week of life and ministry here at Fairview Christian Church. There are so many reasons why and my goal is to share with you some of those today.

Our team of Chris, Justin, Derrick, Jim, Fred, Conner, Kiley, the Soriano’s, the Lowery’s and Clancy are over in Togo serving alongside Eric and Melissa Miller. From the things we have heard the team has been a blessing to many and they are learning each and everyday.

A huge thank you goes to Ryan Milliken, Joe Seaton, Tara Thomas, Ginny Andrews, Hayley Harbaugh, Hudson Allmoslecher, Andi Morris and Ethan Thomas as they serve out at Cyokamo Christian Camp with our Jr. High Week of Camp. It sounds like God has been moving and the students are learning some great things about God’s Kingdom.

The building here has been filled with great activity! There have been 60 plus kids and many adults, Angie, Heather, Lauren, Marisa, Jennifer, Holly, Jackie, Aubrie, and Laurel serving in our Annual Music Camp add to this the many moms who are helping with the extra activities and you can see how amazing it has been! This next Sunday they will present their musical and I know we will all be inspired as we watch the kids teach us through song and drama.

We have had the opportunity to celebrate with Sean and Ashley Harmon as they welcomed little Isla Wren into the world.

I walked in this morning to hear two incredible brothers praying over the many people and their circumstances here at the church. Thank you Bob and Chad!

I am hearing some great stories from people like Gail Sims and Byron and Kathy Keeper, and Chris, Claire, and Shelby Shores along with others where God is coming along side and giving encouragement and strength.

Do you know what the cool part about all of this is? Life is still hard and filled with some difficult situations!  That’s right. There are still many people and families that are facing tough things in life, however I am so inspired because they are intentionally choosing to practice James 1:2

‘Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.

They are choosing to see their circumstances as opportunities for great joy. I met a young man this week named Landon. He is from Lamar and he because of some special abilities really struggles to walk. He wears braces and it is a real chore for him to navigate the terrain. You know what though? This young man has chosen to be filled with joy! He is a joy to be around and he seems to be focused on always lifting others up.

I absolutely love the scripture that follows in James 1:3

‘For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow…’

What a truth for us to hold on to! Every trouble we face in an opportunity for growth! That is why we can be filled with Joy. I heard one coach say it like this: ‘Every set back is set up to grow!’ Did you hear that? Every set back, each and every one is actually a set up for you and I to grow! I love that because it changes the way we look at life and the way we live life!

So today as you begin to walk and live and interact do it know that it is filled with one opportunity after another to grow!

When we look at and live life like this each moment is infused with a huge dose of opportunity! Don’t miss out!

Learning to pray with my eyes wide open!