It’s Friday! It appears that we are headed for another very warm June day! The TOGO Team arrived home last night and from all accounts God was amazing as they had the opportunity to serve and serve and serve. Along the way they made some good friends and learned some good things about God, themselves, and God’s Kingdom. I want to thank the whole team, (Chris, Derrick, Justin, Fred, Jim, Connor, Kiley, the Soriano’s, the Lowery’s, and Clancy) for making the time to go, I want to thank Chris for leading, and I want to thank all of those who supported the trip with both resources and prayer! I want to thank many of you who have a heart for taking the Good News to others by going out and serving.

Talking about serving it has been so cool to see so many of you serving the body! This past week we had Rene Craig and Ty Bollman come by and volunteer to wash and clean the vans here at church! Last Sunday afternoon I went home after the children’s musical and thought about the tremendous involvement it took not only from the kids but the adults who served the entire week! People like Angie, Lauren, Jackie, Holly, Matt, Laurel, Dylan, Heather, Marisa, and the many moms and grandma’s that helped out along the way. This week I was reminded of Ron Swinehart and the time he puts in here! You and I are surrounded by many people here at Fairview who serve with JOY.  You see it in what they do and how they talk and the way they treat people.

I want to encourage all of you to pray for Dylan Jones! He is on his way to Louisville Kentucky to be involved in a robotic competition and will have many opportunities to share his faith. Pray also for the 50 plus people who are heading out for High School Conference early this coming Sunday morning. Pray that God will speak to each one involved as they drive, as they experience the week of camp, and then drive home. The whole week is one large opportunity to take steps towards Christ! Pray for Gail Scribner, Rhonda McCormick, Fred Feathers, Claire Shores and Dale DeCrescenzo as they all recover from illness, surgeries, injuries, and battling cancer.

The messages from James have been practical and have challenged all of us to go to God and make sure that our day to day and moment to moment thoughts, words, and actions are lining up with what we believe. This Sunday we have the privilege to hear from Justin Bass and Chris Huelat and next Sunday the 25th of June we will hear from Devin Chance! We are surrounded by good teachers who love God’s Word!

Starting in July we will start a 6-week series entitled: ‘KNOWING WHERE YOU ARE GOING!’ I am excited as we talk about Heaven! What it takes to get there, what are we to do while we are waiting to get there, what will it be like when we get there, and who will be there to meet us when we get there. Heaven! I can wait!

There are so many people to thank for the ministry you have here in the body of Christ! I want to mention a few. The Spears, Powers, Sailors, Craig’s, and Jones you 4 couples made me laugh out loud and I count it a real privilege to have spent time with you.

Minette and I are getting together with our Home Group this week and we are excited! We meet only 2-3 times in the summer but it is so healthy and fun to get together! If you’re doing that awesome! If you’re wanting the opportunity let us know! If your not involved in a Home Group start praying now as they will start with the FALL. Pray about not only about being involved but maybe hosting one at your home. That way more and more people can benefit from this great time in the body of Christ.

Two things to think about!

In the FALL we will kick of the season with a great focus using Bob Goff’s book: LOVE DOES!
We have so many students coming here that we are starting a new ministry that Ryan Milliken is leading. It will work with 5th thru 8th grades. We need those with a heart for serving and a heart for that age group to consider jumping in and getting involve.

 Always Giving Thanks