How did it happen? Why did he do it? Couldn't she tell the difference? Had they just chosen the opposite way, everything would have turned out so different. So, when I read that God "walked" with Adam in the Garden, I get a little frustrated that we (I) don't get to do that now! ADAM! You messed this up for THE REST OF US! 
This life, this existence, this reality, our day-to-day is mired in stress. Diluted by materialism. Confused by mixed-messages. Distracted by busyness. Misguided by mediocrity. I put a lot of energy into things that won't matter very long. I get wrapped up in what I have. I get motivated to work for things like accomplishment. I want to be noticed, stroked, patted on the back. I strive for a constant stream of "At-a-boys." I want those I love to be happy & filled. I guess much of this is not necessarily bad. Unless I'm not paying attention to what could possibly be happening that would be infinitely better.
How many times in the Bible are we promised a day-to-day life in the full, realized and tactile (tangible) walk with the Lord? "If my people, who are called by My name..." "They will be my people and I will be their God..." "Your Word is a lamp..." Really, if I were to try to list all of the time He promised us great fellowship with Him, well, this would be a a dissertation on God's crazy desire to be intimate with His creation. But there's a crazy problem here.
You see, He wants to walk with us. In fact, Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit would come and live IN us (John 14-16)! And, here's the most ludicrous part. If you have surrendered your life to Jesus Christ. If you have called Him your Lord & Savior; If you have submitted to His Lordship and welcomed a relationship with Him, the Holy Spirit has in fact taken up residence in your soul! He speaks, guides, advocates and convicts for you. In fact, the promise seen in Leviticus 26 has come to reality! He is walking with you. You are a step ahead of Adam! Eve would love to be in your shoes. HE has brought you out of "Egypt." You are delivered! I think we just need to get more accustomed to listening to Him rather than all of the distractions. Yes, even the "would-a should-a could-a's" of the "Garden" life that we long for. Why just walk with Him when He says He'll live in us?
So, may you learn to look deeply into a daily walk with Him that is closer than any person you'll ever be intimate with. May you embrace a life that is full of joyful obedience and sweet conversations with Jesus. May you see that your life has turned out different than you would have ever designed for yourself.. Walk with Him.