Volunteers: We are always looking for adults that want to love on some teenage kids and be their friend! If you have any interest in hanging out with us come talk to Hayley or Joe and we can get you plugged in!

In our Fairview Student Ministry it is our goal to not only invest in our body but to be involved in and invest in the community around us! We are passionate about serving the preteens of Carthage and surrounding areas as well as equipping our preteens to serve their community through service projects, volunteering, and other opportunities.

FSM Wednesday Nights

Wednesday @ 6:30pm

At FSM (Fairview Student Ministry) we want to have a good time with students every Wednesday night while we pursue a deeper understanding of God through teaching and relationship! Our night consists of praise and worship, interactive games and awesome discussion time in small groups after the...

With our many events and programs in the Student realm, there are always needs that are available for you to partner with us in. From providing a meal or snack for events to hanging out with students during activities and events to sponsoring students through scholarships to attend camps and weekend events!

We would love to talk with you! if you have questions about any area of our ministry or ideas on how we can better partner with your please let us know! You can call the office 417.358.3912 and ask for Piper or Heather or you can email them at piper@fairviewchristian.net or hfullerton@fairviewchristian.net.