What Did She Say? - Words from Tony

What Did She Say? 

By Tony Allmoslecher
"What Did She Say?" - That seems to be a question that we ask each other when Bliss begins to express herself and wants us to either know something or she has a question that she needs answered.

You see sometimes she is kind of hard to understand. However the real problem might be our inability to listen why? Because we can really get distracted from tuning in and focusing on what she is trying to tell us or ask us.

Maybe we are watching T.V. or one of the other many screens that we can have going in our house. Maybe it is our mind being so full of stuff that it just gets all clogged up and bringing it to focus is almost impossible. Or it could be that we need to stop whatever we are doing and make the time to pay attention to her words.

‘What is He saying?’

This is another question that I have been asking a lot lately in fact I am sure a lot of people have been asking this question more frequently. We are walking through a crisis, a change in our schedules, our thinking, our way of doing daily life. We are consumed by the news, the lines at the store, the future, and do we have enough T.P.?

The bottom-line (get it) is this. God is still communicating to us! He has never stopped! Honestly right now is a great time to listen like never before. He wants us to, He wants us to hear is voice, He wants us to focus on Him, to seek Him, to put our mind on Him. If we do I believe that we will learn and discover what He wants us to do, how he wants us to think and act, what he is looking for in his people, and how we can still shine in this moment for him.

The more we focus in on God’s communication to us we become more effective in communicating to others!

Where do we start?

Right now! Open your bible and read these amazing words.

'After God spoke long ago in various portions and in various ways to our ancestors through the prophets, in these last days he has spoken to us in a son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he created the world. The Son is the radiance of his glory and the representation of his essence, and he sustains all things by his powerful word...'
Hebrews 1:1-3a

We start with Jesus! He is the best, complete, and whole communication that God has spoken with. He tells us and shows us all that we need to live and keep on living. He tells and shows us how to walk through this time, how to communicate with people, how to serve and love people, and how to be radiant like he was radiant. In other words we can continue to shine no matter how dark it might get.


Be intentional about setting time to seek him in prayer. Listen to him tell him what is going on. Be honest and share your fears and doubts knowing you can ask him for the courage and faith that you will need. Pray for others and ask him to create opportunities to love and serve them where you will communicate his truth to them by your words and actions.

Be intentional about reading and studying his word. Pick a letter to one of the churches in the New Testament and read it multiple times. As you read write down questions you might have or thoughts that come to you concerning what you’re reading. Pick a section and commit it to memory. Ask yourself what you might change in your day so you can live out the things that you are reading about.

Be intentional about talking with someone about what you are learning in God’s word. Find a person who wants to grow in God’s word like you and encourage each other. Share with them the new principles you are discovering and the old principles that you need to get back too. Then together talk about how you can keep each other on track and in the race that God has us all running.

Be intentional about sharing your faith with someone. Once we begin to really set our hearts and minds on hearing God’s communication of the truth you will want to share your faith! You will want to communicate with others the Good News of knowing Jesus!

There is no better feeling then to truly understand Bliss. Being able to answer her question or to capture her excitement about what she is telling us. We are learning that all it takes is for us to practice listening to her and eliminating all of those distractions that we choose to allow to get in the way.

Always Giving Thanks

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