It was a great morning together!

What an amazing weekend this was as we intentionally focused on Jesus and the truth that he was raised from the dead! That truth means so much to the followers of Jesus. I hope and pray that you were inspired as you considered and thought about the resurrection of Jesus. Simply put, our prayer is that we all have chosen not only to believe it, but we have chosen to trust in it!

It was so good to see all of you! We loved seeing many of you at breakfast or out around the cafe. Seeing everyone gathered in the auditorium as we worshipped together was so inspiring!
We saw many new people, and we had a bunch of people come who we have not had the privilege to see in a while! Our prayer is that you, too, were blessed by being here gathered with everyone else.

The question we ask now, especially after a day where there are so many people, is, ‘now what?’

That is a great question!

Do you remember what we learned on Sunday? That the resurrection could and should impact every aspect of the way we live today and tomorrow and then the next day and next week and next month and so on.

What is the key?

We choose to trust in the truth of the resurrection! As we do that, we gain more and more understanding of what God has for us and what he has for us to be part of, and what he has for us to do! Growing in knowing God and those things is when life becomes fuller than full!
Our hope and prayer are that you and your family will choose to get more involved in the community life and ministry here at Fairview. We believe that God has great things going on and great things for us to be involved in, and we would love the privilege of you being involved in all of that.

Again thank you for being here! If you have any questions or thoughts concerning Sunday and or anything here at church, please feel free to call.

Always Giving Thanks
Tony Allmoslecher

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