Everyday Life...

We all live out each day, and often we miss so much of what that day has to offer. Each day is new and filled with so many different opportunities. Such as opportunities to live fully in Christ, share Him and Truth, come alongside those who are hurting and searching, listen to those around us, and to see people in the same manner that Jesus did. Sometimes we have no idea what each new day will bring, and yet there are other times we know exactly what the day will be like. The bottom line is that you and I have before us 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds, and a multitude of moments where we can think and exercise Christ-likeness. I am learning that maybe just maybe, this is why, as followers of Jesus, we are given so many opportunities to show 'christ-likeness' to all involved in those God-given moments.

The more I dwell on how life and schedules have changed with the season we are in, I am learning that the God-given moments are so valuable and, at the same time, so meaningful. They allow us to give ourselves away to others and come alongside those who need encouraging words or needs met. They allow us to speak the truth that can lead to freedom and listen to those who have never been afforded that privilege. Those moments are filled with the Spirit, and we have the privilege to be totally engaged in those moments.

This week has been filled with people living life every day and taking ahold of and experiencing the moments that God brings their way! In a new way, I understand the scripture where Peter reminds us that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness.
Just tonight, I watched Mike and Tara teach a parenting class to a group of young couples. I then saw Ginny along with a team of students watch over and ministry to all children of those parents so they could soak in every word shared. On my daily stop into Walmart, I ran into a lady named Lola. After some conversation, we stood in front of check out #7 prayed together. This morning I had the opportunity to give Jimmy a ride to the ER. Jimmy is a good man that many of our staff have spent with. Last Sunday, we celebrated with Daniel and Kelsey Meyer, along with Marisa and Logan Stump, as both couples were blessed with brand new baby girls! Oh, if you could have only seen the proud and happy grandparents showing pictures to everyone that would stop and look, it was amazing! I was moved as I watched a group of followers gather around a Sherry lady. She had her husband named Roger pass away onto Heaven to be with Jesus. It was so good to see so many take a moment to reach out to her. I thought about a man named Randy, who actually led Sherry and Roger to the Lord and to our church. I was so encouraged as I had the privilege of sitting and talking, sharing a few moments with Dennis, Shirly, Madeline, Cy, Cid, Mark, Amy, and Mike. Listening to stories of God's goodness and the things that God has been teaching them. I was humbled to get to share the design God has for marriage with three young couples. And then further humbled to get to listen as two other couples seek God's guidance as they struggle through some difficult seasons. I watched Doug and Dee spend some precious time with our precious daughter Bliss this past Sunday afternoon.

Everyday life is filled with them, and I encourage you to not let one of them pass by! They are gifts from God where you and I have the opportunity to be christ-like! They are full just like a treasure waiting to be opened, and God has been and is preparing you and me for these moments!
Everything we need for life and godliness, everything...
Would you commit along with me to never let another moment get away from us but to live each one to the fullest?

Always Giving Thanks,

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