Celebrating the Goodness of God

Celebrating the GOODNESS of GOD!
Today is October 15th, 2020! It is also the day that we will celebrate that Bliss Allmoslecher has been with us for 18 years! That's right; today we celebrate Bliss' 18th Birthday! Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Happy Birthday, Bliss! You are an amazing gift from Jesus, and I can't imagine life as we know it without you!
It was mid-June 2002. After a 30 day trip in Russia for Christ In Youth, I had just arrived in Chicago with 11 students serving with an incredible missionary named Max Goins. I was tired and looking forward to getting back home and to the night ahead as we would be debriefing with the team before we all flew home. The team and I called our homes to let our families know that we were back in the U.S.
This phone call is where it all started. Minette shared with me that the doctors had located a problem with the development of the baby. The next week we had an appointment with a specialist in Springfield. There it was confirmed, there was a problem in the brain, and it would be the cause of severe complications. So much so that this physician actually encouraged us to terminate because of the severity of the issues that could arise. WOW! What a punch in the gut! I told him that this was not an option and that we would love on this child the best we could.
We cried all the way home...
We had been blessed with five amazing, beautiful children, and now this! Our emotions were all over the place, and a million questions were running around in our heads and hearts. Fears and confusion, anxiety, and doubts seemed to rule our thinking, but here's what we did know, we still believed in the goodness of God!
We concluded that this baby was being entrusted to us! Not just mom and dad but to 4 big brothers and one big sister! In His goodness, God thought the best place for this baby to live life was with the Allmoslecher family! The best place for her to thrive was with this tribe of people who, at times, we're pretty crazy, but the foundation of their life was knowing and loving Jesus. By no means are they perfect, at times far from it, but this was going to be her environment, her cheerleaders, her encouragers, her friends, her coaches, her FAMILY! In His goodness, God gave Bliss to the Allmoslecher's, she needed them, and even more so, they needed her, and in God's goodness, he knew that!
So today, we are celebrating God's goodness by celebrating Bliss' Birthday! 18 years! Who would ever have thought she would have made it this far? After many surgeries and procedures, countless hospital stays, and sleepless nights, many hard conversations were had, and decisions were made, questions about what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. After seasons of good and seasons of downright hard, we are celebrating God's goodness today by celebrating Bliss and her 18th Birthday!
She is an amazing young lady who knows the definition of endurance. She is funny and loves a good joke. She loves animals, especially her dog Padme. She is one who loves surprises and celebrations, and she even allows her mom to take a picture of her almost every day of the week. She is a teacher! God has used her to teach us all the valuable principles of compassion and caring for others. She has an eye for the needs of those around her, and she can never pass a baby up at Children's Mercy Hospital. She is a joy to be with, and we love the fact that God, in His goodness, has blessed us the Allmoslecher's with this amazing young lady named Bliss! She inspires us and motivates us to love and endure to live on a higher plane of loving people.
God's goodness is humbling when we take time to reflect on it and what it has accomplished in our life!
I am humbled that God saw it fit to bless us, the Allmoslecher's, with the responsibility of loving and caring for Bliss.
I am humbled by Minette, Bliss's mom, who defines every once of what a mom is when it comes to the depth of love and care she has for Bliss. The hours, the thoughts, the energy, the planning, the preparation, and the priority she has for Bliss is absolutely beyond imagination. They are each other's best friend, they are each other's favorite person, and they would not know what to do without each other. They give each other such meaning and value.
I am humbled by the people who have shown us incredible support! The Encouraging words, acts of generosity, meals and cookies, full gas tanks, hospital visits, and listening ears. These people have shown us what the community of Jesus looks like day in and day out. I am forever thankful to all of you.
I am humbled by the doctors and the staff up at Children's Mercy Hospital in KC. They are committed people and have always sought the best interest of Bliss. There are many stories where they went far above the call of duty in taking care of Bliss as a patient and, somehow, at the same time, falling in love with her as a friend.
I am humbled by the nurses who have been in our home. They have cared for Bliss at a level that many don't see. Even when Bliss has been hard to care for her physical limitations, attitudes, and moods, they have shown her compassion and love, patience, and care. They often have been a picture to me of endurance made real. They have become her friend.
I am humbled by her sister and her four brothers and the new brother-in-law and sisters-in-law in our family. They have had to adjust as Bliss, and her care does take a bunch of extra time and a lot of preplanning. They have understood and stood by and continue to love Bliss and see her as a huge part of the Allmoslecher daily life. They make allowance and try their best to include her in much of what they do and who they are.
I am humbled by cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma's, and grandpa's who pray for Bliss, who have played with Bliss, and who have supported us and loved on us as we have walked through this journey with Bliss!
God's goodness humbles me. Today I celebrate God's goodness by celebrating that in his goodness, he has allowed me the unique privilege of being with Bliss for the last 18 years!
Can I encourage you today to celebrate God's goodness?
Can I encourage you today to celebrate God's goodness by celebrating your spouse, your mom, or dad, one of your children, a good friend, or someone who has played an essential role in your life?
Remember when we are celebrating people, we are saying thank-you to them but even more so to God for placing them in our lives, and we should, the goodness of God, should humble us!
So right now, come up with a plan to put into action a celebration of God's goodness! Happy Birthday dear girl. Your dad really does love you!


Sharon Smith - October 18th, 2020 at 4:41pm

That’s a great message. God gave Bliss to the right family. Everyone I know has been encouraged by Bliss and the messages Minette and you have posted. Thank you❤️

Cindy Feather - October 19th, 2020 at 8:49am

Thank you Tony! I have celebrated my beautiful family often, those who are here and those with our Father in Heaven! Such a pricier and gift to have them all. And I'm grateful for those He had brought into my life, especially at Fairview.

I am actually going to see my daughter this morning with a special gift and lots of love, just to tell her how much she is loved by me and by Jesus.

Thank you Tony! You all are always in my prayers!