Take Note! A new note from Tony...

Dear Community!
We hope this letter finds you having a good day! We want to communicate with you some things we are really looking forward to…
The study in Nehemiah has been extremely encouraging and challenging. We’re learning a lot about the emphasis God has placed on his glory and understanding that together, and with his strength, we can accomplish significant things for him.
We also know there are a lot of subjects and topics we all think about each and every day. Things we talk to others about, things we talk to God about, questions we have about life, things that are going on around us, and questions about following the Lord. So, we want to ask you—what do you want to learn about on Sunday morning? If you have a topic you want to learn more about, please contact Tony or Heather…417/358-3912! We would love to use the summer months to search God’s Word to find the direction and answers to as many of your questions as possible. Let us know what topics you want to learn more about!
As we look forward, we’ve been so encouraged by the opening of the Connection Café. We love to see people fellowship with each other. We’re also encouraged by the attendance each week and how folks are starting to come back, and excited for the new families we see each week. If you have any questions about how we’re moving forward, please reach out to us! We’d be happy talk with you.
Always giving thanks!

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