Encouraging words for today.

Encouraging Words for Today...

This morning Tony recieved some words of encouragement from one of our Fairview Christian Family members, Mike Fix. We hope find encouragement and hope in Mike's words and prayers. Mike wrote,
"It's called the Corona Virus, Or also known as Covid-19, a strain of the flu, that has been pretty mean. It has taken away, so many precious lives, from husbands, children, elderly and wives. Many years from now, we'll look back on 2020, and see how bad it was, and wasn't very funny. We'll learn from this, and how to survive, to raise up one another, and help the community thrive. We need to hear God's word, and love one another, to pray to him daily, to help our sister and brother. As we distance ourselves, and pray for the cure, believe in the holy spirit, as he is divine and pure. Have the faith and the patience, And protect the one's we love, but most of all pray and believe, to our Heavenly Father above. I pray for all my family, my friends, and those I don't know, I pray God will guide us all, and that his light will show... I pray for all of those women and men, who are fighting on the front line, who put their lives in danger to save yours and mine. If you find yourself scared, and don't know what to do, just simply grab a bible, and read a chapter or two. All I pray for everyone that can read this, and pray for their friends and family that I don't know. I encourage you to share this and let everyone know they are not alone and someone is praying just as hard for them.We are all in this together and God will help us through this."

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