Sharing a miracle!

My miracles:
I was out back pulling weeds from the garden when Don asked me to help him hold a large tree trunk with my foot so he could get a good bite with a saw. As he sawed the trunk moved slightly, for it was on a small slope. It rolled onto my foot and I was in excruciating pain! I cried and screamed to the heavens to please help me. "God help me Father. Father help me." And not much time after, which seemed like an eternity, Don was able to lift the trunk up by himself enough to allow my foot to be freed.
I was able to walk. I was looking for my shoe and Don screamed to "Sit down, sit down!" But my mind was on looking for my shoe and I found it. He looked down at my foot as I did too. It was totally a miracle  that there was nothing. No broken bones, bark marks of any kind or swelling. In fact it was as if nothing had happened at all. But I knew there was something that did happen and it was a miracle from heaven, for our Father listened and answered my pleas for help.
Note from Don: This trunk was 20" in diameter and 12' long. It was trying to roll on my as I was attempting to saw it and I asked her to help me steady it. It got away from us and rolled up on her foot. There was no way I could have picked this thing up by myself. The weight of it was far beyond my human abilities. It was indeed a miracle that I was able to free her but as Terry mentioned, the most astonishing fact was it left no mark on her foot at all. Without faith this event would not be explainable.
-Terry and Don Ritchie

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