A note from Tony...

To my spiritual family at Fairview Christian Church…

I hope and pray that this finds all of you doing well today. Yesterday at church I was again reminded of the rich connections we have as a community of Christ. I was reminded of those connections as I saw and talked with those who were here and even though many were wearing masks and doing our best to keep a safe distance it was so good to see you. We also had a reminder by the many who were viewing from home and the messages that you sent our way told us that we are doing our best together to stay connected. Yesterday afternoon I also swung by two different outdoor celebrations that involved families here at Fairview and it was so good to see them doing life together.

I miss that community. I mean I really miss it. Did we take it for granted? Did we not know how essential it is to us as a follower of Christ? I don’t know the answers but here is what I do know. Minette and I love it and appreciate it and we need it. We find so much life in the community of Christ and we believe that much of the fullness he promises is discovered in those relationships!
I want to thank many of you for fighting the temptation to complain and bellyache about what is going on but who are looking for creative ways to encourage, experience, and inspire that connection we enjoy as a community of Christ. How can you do that? Write notes and letters, get on the phone and give words of encouragement, get together outside with a small group of people and study his word together, think about people who need a helping hand or run an errand for them, and ask God to give you opportunities to show and share the life-changing truth of knowing Jesus, we call that the gospel.

On a personal note, I would love to ask you to pray…
1.   This morning our good friend John Mouton has surgery on his hip. Join me in praying that the surgery will go as intended and that his recovery will go good so he can get back to the many things that he enjoys doing and getting back to his care along with Nancy for Josh.
2.   I too would ask that you pray for me. I am having surgery this Thursday for a leaky valve in my heart and I have 1 bypass. At the urging of my daughter Reilly, Minette and I went in for a wellness check-in April and they discovered that I needed this fixed. Could you pray that the surgery goes well and that my recovery also goes well.

Thank you in advance for both of us! I know that both John And I really appreciate the way you have gathered around us. God Bless You!

Always giving Thanks

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