Why are we sitting around waiting?

- by Tony Allmoslecher

This morning I read Hosea 2 and in the middle of God’s statement of discipline on Israel, I remembered some thoughts I had on God’s grace and our response as we come in contact with it…
What are you waiting for?The biggest risk in life is never taking one!
Grace is worth it!
Grace is free and it is freedom…
Grace is first and foremost immersed in forgiveness; it is a declaration that we can be guilt-free and we don’t hold others hostage with our un-forgiveness.
Grace is Jesus going to the cross to take on our punishment so we can experience the radical, comprehensive, complete, and fullness of that forgiveness.
Grace is an invitation, it is the door is wide open to welcome us into a relationship, it is adoption into his family; it is belonging to the Father in heaven as one of his children.
He will love us, care for us, guide us, train us, discipline us, laugh with us, and grace is GOD never leaving us.
Grace means he listens to us and knows us, he knows us better than we know us, he knows what we need, he knows our fears, our concerns, and he stays with us in our fears and our failures
Grace means that he is never distant, he remains, he remains with us no matter where we are, who we are with, and what we are doing.
Grace changes us to be the place where he dwells and changes us to be a people he dwells with.
Grace is God unzipping us and climbing inside by his Holy Spirit so we will never be alone again.
Grace reaches us where we are and takes us where the Father wants us to be.
Grace is far more than salvation; it is the Father working in us to be like his Son Jesus. It makes us new every day and grows us more like him with each passing season.
Grace is taking our remaining sinful nature that can keep us weak, struggling, and unable and then exploding on the scene as it boldly intervenes to give us his power and strength.
His grace is more than sufficient, and in fact, it is!
You see his grace empowers us with the desires and the abilities to do what we were designed to do but we could never do on our own.
Grace delivers; sin can turn as into addicts chasing the emptiness that it promises but 'my oh my' grace sets us free and at the same time breaks the bondage that we stay in way too long.
Grace gives us the power to say NO! Grace gives us the power to GO in a whole new direction.
Grace is complete and it brings completion and one day soon grace will do its final work. It will restore all of us to where we were meant to be from the very beginning.
So the question is why?
Why if this is all true….
Why if we say we believe it all…
Are we so afraid to take a risk?
Why do we spend so much time trying to convince others and ourselves that our problems are because of our relationships, our location, our situation, and our circumstances?
Grace says stop!
Grace says Quit!
Grace says, “no more easy way out, no more blaming, no more complaining, no more rationalizing and no more making excuses. Humble yourself and confess that you need God’s unending, ever-present, life-changing grace!
When you do….watch out! Be prepared for a life that will be driven, surrounded, engulfed, and full of God’s grace!
You will see as you have never seen before, you will feel like you have never felt before, you will do things that you can’t even imagine that you can do, WHY?
Because of God’s Grace!
I hope that you will or that you have made that choice and that you are making it daily. If you want to go ahead a tell us all about you choosing God’s grace and what that means to you…


Marlene Timmons - April 22nd, 2020 at 3:01pm

love the message

Dan & Barbara Jefferson - April 22nd, 2020 at 3:24pm

After reading this twice , and talking with my wife, the first thing that comes to mind is a quote by Justin Goff. " The Church was not set up to just hold on, it was set up to move forward and push against the gates of Hell." In other words, as you posted " Why are we just sitting here?" So Yes , I do ask for and receive grace daily. We stepped out in faith when we bought this house. We put and kept God first throughout the entire process. Everything moved so smoothly , I even doubted. I thought this is going perfectly. Too perfectly. And I am sorry to admit that I doubted. But God is good and He is gracious. Everything was done in record time. That's been 2 years now. Doors opened , every expense was met , we got it in record time. Here is what makes my heart sing. Our first offer was turned down. So we looked elsewhere. Less than 2 weeks later the first offer was accepted, at $10,000 less than asking and all closing costs paid !!! We shed tears of joy. We truly knew HE could , but as soon as we realized HE would that was it. Grace wins every time.