What does your day hold?

To the Fairview Community of Jesus Followers!

What an amazing day is waiting to unfold in front of us!

Yes, I know that we don't know what might happen, but we do know that the Holy Spirit is in us, we know that we are being equipped for the good works that God has prepared for us, and we know that we live with HOPE, the confidence in the promises of God!

Why am I so excited about this day?

Let me share just a few reasons with you.

Listening to the students and adults who went to MIX last week. Hearing about the things they learned, the new people they met, and the experiences they had reminds me of how valuable a week at a camp or conference can be in a young person's life.

Knowing we have a bunch of High School students along with adult volunteers out at GENERATE! This conference is designed to move them all closer to Jesus and to spend a week in a community where the focus is God's Kingdom, oh, and have a lot of fun too!

Knowing we have a slew of children and adults heading out to Camp Cyokamo this week! Minette and I went out last night, and it was awesome to see Marisa, Angie, Lauren, John Morris, and Gibby Huelat working as the lifeguard! Then you add to this by being able to watch Libby Worrall baptize her little brother Hunter! This is a tremendous story of God working in so many amazing ways!

Even today as I got to spend the early morning with three young men committed to being disciples, Clancy, Cory, and Ryan. Then later in the morning, to meet a new older man to our church named Ronald, who has been walking and serving the Lord for a long time. All of it reminds me of the design God has given us that involves relationships!

Here is another reason to be filled with gratefulness! We have hired Erin Rolfsema to step in the role of children's minister focusing on K-3rd grade! She is married to Toby, and they have three amazing children. We are so excited about her coming on to the staff team and bringing new thoughts and creative ideas on how we can continue to provide effective children's ministry. Her start date will be the 25th of July!

I hope that your day is filled with God's goodness! Look for it because it is all around us. You can see it in people, in ministry, in the everyday things that we do. It can be heard in our words and felt in our actions towards others! It is even there when we can't see it or feel it. It never leaves because it is in this truth, the Holy Spirit is in us and with us, no matter what we are facing or where we are, he the HOLY SPIRIT is there! He is there to teach, guide, remind, empower, and convince. I encourage you all to embrace him.

Always Giving Thanks Tony

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